Aims and Scope

To create practical mechanisms for the development of scientific and practical researches and innovative developments and the modernization of production, to encourage the implementation of technical and technological updating processes, in order to ensure a stronger connection between science and production, as well as to establish innovative cooperation relations between scientific research organizations and real sector enterprises. In the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 07.15.08 No. PQ-916 "On additional measures to encourage the implementation of innovative projects and technologies" a number of tasks are set before higher educational institutions.

In order to solve these tasks, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 11.10.06 No. 214 "On further improvement of the procedure for state registration of mass media in the Republic of Uzbekistan" was thoroughly studied. In the second paragraph of the first chapter of this decision entitled "General Provisions", mass media is defined as the periodical distribution of mass information with a permanent name and in printed form (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, bulletins, etc.) and (or) in electronic form (television, radio, video-, newsreel programs, websites on public telecommunication networks) is understood as the form published or broadcast at least once every six months, as well as other forms of periodic distribution of information the decision of the Scientific Council was adopted. 

In this electronic scientific journal, the authors are recommended to focus their articles on the innovative development of industry, infrastructure, transport and communication construction, further reforming the banking and financial system and increasing its stability, continuing long-term structural changes, and ensuring the further increase of the competitiveness of the innovative economy.

Currently, scientific electronic journals are widely introduced in leading foreign universities. With the formation of the information society, the weight of electronic mass media, organized on the basis of websites in public telecommunication networks, is increasing. The introduction of this type of publications into wide practice not only increases the speedy delivery of information, but also leads to efficient use of paper. No. 155 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 22.07.10 " Additional measures for saving and rational use of paper in the Republic "", it was noted that information and communication technologies are being widely introduced in order to reduce the consumption of paper in the management system, in the processes of rapid resolution of local and inter-branch issues. The system of electronic document exchange is being widely used in practice, and the network of interactive services of the state and organizations is expanding. In this decision, the task of efficient use of information and communication technologies regarding saving and rational use of paper in the document circulation of management processes is brought up to date.

Scientific electronic magazine  " Economics and innovative technologies " published by the Decision No. 201/3 dated December 30, 2013 of the Executive Board of the National Academy of Sciences "Republican scientific journals in which it is necessary to publish scientific articles on the scientific results of dissertations of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Science" in "Economic Sciences" included in the list" .

The main tasks of this e-journal are to familiarize young scientists, senior researchers, independent researchers and masters with the results of prestigious scientific works of mature scientists and practitioners of our republic, as well as to quickly convey to the public the innovative achievements made in the socio-economic fields of our republic.

The address of the magazine on the Internet information network is called " ".